7 Day Cash Campaign with Scott Oldford

What You Get:
What type of 7-day campaign will work for you.
What type of campaign to focus on.

– What you need to do based on that campaign and how to manage your marketing and sales based on the campaign.
– What to do if you have an audience to generate more sales.
– How to realign your audience for a very specific cash-based offer
– How to re-develop your offer, quickly and effectively and within just a couple of hours
– How to write social media posts on Instagram and Facebook for success with your cash campaign
– How to run a few specific omnipresence ads to your existing audience to generate sales, more phone calls and more messages
– How to use a simple Google document (like this one) to sell, without needing a funnel, landing page, lead magnet or anything else.
– How I’ve used this campaign to generate over $1 million dollars and how I’ve helped others (with a couple use-case examples)
– How to write emails to your email list (no matter the size) in this 7-day audience campaign
– How to get people to pay you upfront, so you can use the money right now
– How to use story-selling in order to allow people to say yes to your irresistible offer
– How to go to your customers and generate more sales, allowing you to increase your lifetime value.
– How to structure your finances and the proper way to repay debt or use credit (if you need to do this)
– How to use Facebook Groups (if you have one) in order to generate revenue






7 Day Cash Campaign with Scott Oldford

7 Day Cash Campaign with Scott Oldford | 3.56 GB


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