Approaching Women by David DeAngelo

Approach ANY Woman Any Time And Never Be Worried About Blowing It With Her Again.

I want to admit something to you. something that I’d kept secret for many years of my life, and I couldn’t bring myself to admit it to anyone.
It’s that I have an automatic, very deep, gut-level fear of approaching women.

Heres just some of what else youll learn:
– The one word to say at the very beginning of your approach that doubles your chances of being successful
– How to stand out from every other man that has ever approached her so a woman knows you are an opportunity she shouldnt dare pass up
– The 10 things that prevent you from approaching women – broken down and explained. If youre having problems starting conversations with women Im sure the reason is on this list and I will show you a quick and easy way to eliminate it
– How to completely reprogram your subconscious to turn yourself into a machine that approaches any woman anytime in any situation without even thinking about it
– The 8 different attitudes that work when approaching women – Ill show you how to pick the best one for you and the best one for each situation. This alone can triple your chances of getting a positive response
– The specific steps naturals take when approaching women and why they almost never fail. Ill show you how to use their natural success formula and come off as a guy women know they shouldnt pass up
– The universal mating signal all women give off when they want a man to approach them (the only sure-fire way to know when its ON)
– 12 Big No-Nos that kill any approach instantly (even naturals make one of these mistakes every once in awhile so listen up)
– The Miracle of Cold-reading – How to make a woman think You Can Read Her Mind by telling her amazing things about herself that even her best friends dont know

The 6 Most Painful, Dangerous Mistakes That Men Make When It Comes To Approaching Women
Listen I have spent literally years making mistakes as I worked to learn how to overcome my own fear and approach women in different situations.
Then I spent MORE YEARS teaching other men how to overcome their fears and shyness and teaching them how to successfully approach women, start conversations, and create attraction with women.
Which is why – right here, right now – I would like to boil down the top mistakes that men make when it comes to approaching women and then Id like to teach you step by step how to overcome all of these mistakes to create massive success for yourself with women.
First up here come those mistakes

MISTAKE 1: Not Knowing How To Deal With Fear And Shyness
In life, we all have fears and its up to each of us as individuals to either choose to overcome those fears, or choose to let those fears run our lives.
For most of us guys, we experience intense fear and shyness when it comes to approaching women we dont know. And one of the things I learned about my fear of approaching women was that instead of being abnormal, I was actually typical. And so are you.

MISTAKE 2: Expecting The Worst
If you stop to think about it, I think youll realize that when you think about approaching a woman, your unconscious mind starts to instantly think about all the negative things that might happen.
In fact, for most guys, this negative expectation program literally takes over and they cant even imagine a positive outcome. Im going to show you another way

MISTAKE 3: Making The Wrong First Impression
Attractive women are approached constantly. And the more shes approached (both subtly and not so subtly), the more she develops a powerful radar system that alerts her to a mans intentions.
Most men dont realize that their lame attempts to get a womans attention are hurting them. They dont realize that the things theyre doing are actually giving her a negative impression and making it so that its almost impossible for her to be attracted. But it doesnt have to be this way for you.

MISTAKE 4: Seeking Her Approval Or Acceptance
In MOST of the situations where a man approaches a woman that he is interested in, he acts nervous and shy like hes trying to get the woman to like him and accept him.
But for regular guys like you and me, attraction is triggered by a totally different message. Its created by a man who knows how to trigger attraction when he approaches instead of letting his Inner Wuss come leaking out. Im going to show you how.

MISTAKE 5: Thinking You Need To Be Original And Creative
When we see a woman that wed like to meet, we tend to think to ourselves, I need to come up with something original and creative to say to her. So we look at her try to notice something about her maybe try to come up with some kind of original compliment or creative humor.
Heres the problem: like I said, that attractive woman has men looking at her all day Everyday. And theyre all thinking the same thing. The solution is to learn what to say when you start a conversation with women. Learn how the pros do it so you can get an understanding of what actually works. Im going show you what they do

MISTAKE 6: Not Having An Arsenal Of Techniques At The Ready
You may have noticed that the mistakes Ive been talking about have little or nothing to do with pick up lines and techniques. Its because, if you DONT have these other issues handled, the best techniques in the world cant help you.
So: Step ONE is to get these other issues handled first. Step TWO is to then learn the very best opening lines and other techniques so you have proven systems for approaching women and starting conversations in ANY situation. And I want to give them to you.
All of these Mistakes in mind, its time for The Solution


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