Brittany Lynch – Trust Machine

4 Reasons Why The Trust Machine Will Make You More Money In 2016

1. The Trust Machine Will Help You Get Cheaper , Targeted Traffic
2. The Trust Machine Will Help You Build A Better List, Faster
3. With The Trust Machine You’ll Experience Higher Conversion Rates
4. You Can Launch A Business Even If You Aren’t An Expert & Don’t Have A Niche

4 Steps To Launching A 6 Figure Trust Machine Business:

– Step One: Identify Your Offer
– Step Two: Find Experts To Create Your Content
– Step Three: Create Your Traffic System
– Step Four: Put It All Together

Module 1 – The Foundation

How To Choose The Best Niche For You To Launch Your Trust Machine
7 Step Checklist For Choosing A Profitable Niche
Identify the problems in that niche and what they really want/ will buy.
The 4 Best Methods For Identifying Subject Matter Experts In Your Niche
How To Create Interview Questions That Will Create Profitable Content
Identifying The Market Gap In Your Niche And Creating Your USP

Module 2 – Product Creation

How To Use The Digital Publishing Model To Create A Digital Product
The Interview Method Of Quickly Creating A High Quality Product That You Own
The 4 Types Of Optin Pages I Use And How To use Them To Grow Your List Fast
Small Lists, Big Profits – How A List Of 563 People Generated $5056 In 7 Days & How You Can Use These Same Strategies For Your List
How To Create An Effective Pre-Launch And Launch Strategy.Plus The Fill In The Blank Email Templates That Are Used For Everyone Of MY Profitable Launches
The 4 Different Types Of Subscription Programs & Which Is Best For You

Module 3 – The Content

The 4 Techniques And Tools I Use To Identify Viral Topic Ideas For Content Marketing , Email Follow Up & Blog Posts
How To Reverse Engineer Your Trust Machine Funnel To Create The Right Type Of Content To Support The Sale Of Your Products
Swipe File: 101 High CTR Native Ad Headlines You Can Use In Any Niche
Templates: The Anatomy Of The Perfect Content Marketing Post

Module 4 – The Technology

Setting Up Your Trust Machine In Under A Day Even If You’re Terrible At Technology
Canva: How To Use This Free Drag And Drop Tool To Design Like A Pro
Using Analytics To Track Your Results
Integrating Your Autoresponder & Launching Your Follow Up Email Sequence
How To Set Up An Affiliate Program Quickly

Module 5 – The Traffic

Step By Step Video Instructions On The 3 Types Of Facebook Ad Campaigns
The General FB Interest Campaign
The Competitor Campaign
Sales Page Retargeting Campaign
How To Convert Experts Into Affiliates And Promote Your Offers To Their Audience

Module 6 – The System

Template & Worksheets For Every Step
Plug and play sales page template
Copy Swipe File
Interview Release Form
Interview Request Template
Convert Your Expert Into An Affiliate Email Template/ Script
The Anatomy Of The Perfect Native Ad/ Blog Post
Email Marketing Templates

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