Daz 3D – Sanjay 8 Pro Bundle

Sanjay is a bold, classy, strong East Indian male character. Impeccably groomed and cinematically photogenic, he represents traditional East Indian style through fashion and a penchant for Bollywood cinema and physical theatrics.
Take Sanjay to Bollywood! Help him strike a pose or bust a move. Get everybody on their feet and celebrate one of the best parts Indian entertainment with color and flare, with a touch of youth.
Help take Sanjay back to his roots with a collection of traditional threads with a touch of adventure! This calm, collected and balanced set with a more mature hairstyle will help Sanjay take charge.

Key advancements with the Genesis 8-based Sanjay 8 include:
Backward Compatibility
Ultimate Content Compatibility
Improved Expression Capabilities
Updated Eye Technology
Enhanced Finger/Toenails
Muscle contraction added
Default Pose Change
More Realistic Bending
Better Shoe Fit
Easy Shape Migration
Skin Material Advancements

What’s Included and Features
This Bundle Includes:
– Sanjay 8
Sanjay 8 Starter Bundle
Sanjay 8
Bollywood Poses for Sanjay 8
Devansh HD for Sanjay 8
dForce Bollywood Groom for Genesis 8 Male(s)
dForce Wanderer Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s)
Varun Hair for Genesis 3 and 8 Male(s)
– Z Modern and Traditional Poses and Expressions for Genesis 8 Male and Sanjay 8
– Sai for Sanjay 8
– dForce Traditional East Indian Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s)
– dForce Alpha Male Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s)
– dforce Sanjay Hair and Beard for Genesis 8 Male(s)
– Genesis 8 Male Anatomical Elements



Daz 3D – Sanjay 8 Pro Bundle – 60829 | 1.4 GB


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