Learn Redshift for Cinema 4D – V02 (2018)

Learn. Redshift for Cinema 4D : Volume 2 is your complete guide to multipass AOVs in Redshift.

The tutorial begins by taking a deeper look into more of the shaders that Redshift aficionados can use to build more complex materials, before diving into the AOV workflow.

AOV Setup, mattes, custom passes, light groups, everything you need to know for your multipass production pipeline is in this Redshift-goodness packed volume.

01. Introduction
02. Redshift Sun And Sky
03. Colour Nodes 01
04. Colour Nodes 02
05. More Shader Nodes
06. Material Blender
07. Round Corners Node
08. Trace Depth And Sprite Node
09. Rayswitch
10. Intro To Custom User Data
11. Displacement
12. Reducing Fireflies
13. Input Colour Profile
14. Multipass Scene Overview
15. Main Head Shader
16. Additional Shaders
17. Redshift Aov Introduction
18. AOV Scene Setup
19. Depth Pass
20. Compositing Our Main Passes
21. Raw AOV Passes
22. Custom Aovs
23. Cryptomatte
24. Light Groups
25. Post DOF Setup






Learn Redshift for Cinema 4D - V02 (2018)


Learn Redshift for Cinema 4D - V02 (2018)

Helloluxx – Learn Redshift for Cinema 4D – V02 (2018) | 7.41 GB


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