Marketing Mastermind By Simon Jeremy’s

Video Course #1 – Commission Miner This will show you a sneaky and brilliant way to boost your affiliate income and elevate you to big player status. More sales, more money and more respect are yours once you use this strategy!

Content Includes:

The two factors that separate the super affiliates from the wannabes
A little-known yet extremely profitable tactic for making money when delivering a free bonus gift to buyers
The 3 keys to creating big commission checks like the super affiliates
A surprising way to ride the coattails of the vendor’s promotions and other affiliate’s hard work to pocket your own big commissions
Discover a devious way to overlay your bonus offers on top of a vendor’s sales page
Get 4 tips for instantly boosting your affiliate income, including one quick and easy way to give yourself a fast pay raise!

Video Course #2 – Fear Factor Fortunes

This will reveal how to close more sales by tripping deep-seated emotional triggers in your prospects!

Content Includes:

Discover a secret key to using scarcity to boost sales in the most powerful way possible
Discover a little-known trick called visual scarcity that you can use to double your conversion rate
Discover a proven subliminal psychological tactic that’s so powerful it’s like lighting a fire under your prospects
Find the exact magic words to put right next to your order button to turn your prospects into cash-paying customers right away!
Find out how to use the devious “Apple Effect” to get your prospects scrambling to buy your product!
Discover the four little-known keys to super-charging your scarcity strategy so you can enjoy more sales, more customers and more money than ever before!

Video Course #3 – List Monster

This will help you to uncover a shocking way to grow your mailing lists, make more sales and squeeze more money from the traffic that most marketers ignore!

Content Includes:

Get an in-depth look at how to instantly turn your brand-spanking new subscribers into cash-paying customers using a slick psychological trick!
Find out what to do with your “dud” traffic and how to turn these unresponsive visitors into rabid repeat buyers!
Discover the four secrets of laying the perfect bait to persuade prospects to eagerly join your mailing list
Find out the exact words to put on your subscription confirmation page to effortlessly create an untapped revenue stream for your business!
Learn two red-hot secrets for turning tire kickers into cash in the bank
Get three amazing tips that could double your money

Video Course #4 – The Intensifier

This will help you to explode your sales, build your lists and pocket a whole lot more cash using a little-known tactic that have been used to double conversions overnight!

Content Includes:

Discover five deadly effective ways to read your prospects’ minds so you can get them to crack their wallets open more often!
Find out what an Intensifier is and how it works like magic to create more sales
Find out what Jane Goodall can teach you about making a crazy amount of sales
Get plenty of templates and examples across different niches to show you exactly how to craft an effective Intensifier that can double your sales!
Discover what 3 factors your Intensifier absolutely must possess to get prospects hitting your order button more often!
Learn a quick and easy way to make your Intensifier strategy even more effective

Video Course #5 – Traffic Splash

This will help you to discover how to create a viral campaign that sweeps through your niche like an out-of-control tornado!

Content Includes:

Discover which 10 deep psychological factors you can use to influence masses of people in your niche
Find out 7 questions you must ask yourself before creating viral content
Find out the #1 mistake marketers make when trying to jumpstart a viral campaign and how to boost your campaign using a proven “fire starter” instead!
Get a mind-blowing strategy for turning the people who share your content into cash-paying customers
Get 2 tricks for giving your viral campaign a huge kick start
Find out how to combine two psychological laws of persuasion to create an unstoppable viral effect

What Is Included With Your Reseller License

Each Video Course comes with its own Reseller Kit and each kit includes:

Sales Page Template – Just copy and paste in your order link.
Professionally Recorded Sales Video – Optimized for high conversions.
Promotional Email Swipe – Add to your Autoresponder and mail out.
Affiliate Backend Emails – Increase your profits with a perfect promo to buyers.
Official Reseller License Doc

Note that your Reseller Kit is only available in the Member Area from 28th July so meanwhile you can learn from these videos and put them into action!

Price: 399$



Marketing Mastermind By Simon Jeremy's


Marketing Mastermind By Simon Jeremy's


Marketing Mastermind By Simon Jeremy's


Simon Jeremy’s – Marketing Mastermind
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