Marko Rubel – Unlimited Funding

Marko Rubel - Unlimited Funding
Marko Rubel – Unlimited Funding | SIZE: 1,1 GB

Discover How to Get Unlimited Funding for Your Real Estate Deals
This comprehensive home study course gives you everything you need to know to buy nice houses “subject to” the existing financing – And you can get started right now with instant access.

Buying “subject to” is a low-risk, creative, and financially rewarding way to buy real estate. You get instant ownership without taking on any debt to your name. Get Started with Subject to shows you how to get on the fast track to financial freedom.
You are going to learn:
How to buy quality real estate at below market prices regardless of your experience or situation
How to get favorable financing with low interest rates & no down payment, without banks or lenders
How to leverage other people’s credit to eliminate any personal risk to yourself
You can get started making money in the next few minutes.
No need to wait to get started investing with “subject to.” When you order Get Started with Subject to right now, you’ll receive instant access to your step-by-step manual, home study workbook, and (5) instructional training videos.
Here’s what you get.
Step-By-Step Manual
This 174-page manual explains exactly how the “subject to” strategy works, the necessary theory behind it, and the step-by-step process to be successful using this strategy. For best results, read this manual before you watch the videos, and then use it as a reference as you do deals.
Training Videos
Instant access to (5) training videos you can download and watch over and over again. These modules include,
What is “Subject to”?
Seven Steps to Buy a House “Subject to”
How to Handle the “Due on Sale” Clause
How to Get Unlimited Funding for Your Deals
How to Negotiate and Close on “Subject to”
And much, much more.
Use this handy 81-page Workbook to follow along and take notes as you’re watching the videos. The idea is to get your first deal going within the next few weeks.
Legal Forms
You’ll get immediate access to thousands of dollars in legal forms right at your fingertips! Just “click and print.” Marko explains all the documents, so you will know exactly what to do (and what not to do).
Affidavit of Deed
Bill of Sale
Escrow Account Letter
Limited Power of Attorney
Promissory Note
Purchase and Sale Agreement
Seller Loan Disclosure
Warranty Deed
And much more.
30-Day Tele-Coaching For $1
Exclusive “Marko LIVE Q & A” phone training
Exclusive “Marko LIVE CD and Transcript” sent to your door
Access to the Members ONLY “Brain-Trust Forum” Online Community
“Structure for Profit” Deal Consulting (Fax-In) twice per month
INSTANT Credibility with the Prevention Center Website
.and a whole LOT more!
“$225,000 Deal Session Sneak-In” Video
Listen in on a video conference with Marko and his coaching students. Marko reviews recent student deals that had huge profits. Watch and learn from their mistakes.
“$30,000 Subject to” In-the-Field Video
Watch real-life footage and meet a young mom who made $30,000 cash, and over $100,000 in future profits using the “Subject to” method.





Marko Rubel - Unlimited Funding


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