Mitch Stephen – Art of Owner Finance Pro

Mitch Stephen - Art of Owner Finance Pro
Mitch Stephen – Art of Owner Finance Pro | SIZE: 7,1 GB

Over 25 hours of educational material broken into 13 easy-to-digest modules. Here are a few of the topics included.

– How to find houses
– How to establish value
– How to make offers
– My “formula for success”
– How to find money
– How to find buyers
– How to structure notes
– How to sell notes with no discounts
– How to build a self-directed retirement account from zero
– How to increase your down payments
– How to comply with regulations
– The 5 ways to get paid
– And much, much more.

BONUS #1: Twenty-two Recorded Q&A Calls
22 Recorded Conference Calls Where Students Ask Questions and Mitch Answers
Over 40 hours of recorded calls! Each of these recordings is over two hours long and is packed with valuable insight as students ask all kinds of questions and Mitch answers. There is a good chance someone asked him one of the questions that you have.
BONUS #2: Recorded One Day Workshop on Owner Finance
Recorded Owner Finance One Day Workshop
Watch over six hours of footage from Mitch’s One Day Workhop on ownerfinancing.
BONUS #3: Recorded Live Main Event Presentations
Live Video Recordings of Mitch on Stage
Watch two of Mitch’s live stage presentations at The Real Estate Investor Main Event where he talks about his background and how he got started.
BONUS #4: Sample Forms
Sample Forms
As a bonus, you’ll receive access to download the same forms that Mitch uses in his business.
BONUS #5: Resources Page
Resources Page
Here you’ll find all kinds of useful resources such as websites, apps, vendors, and more!





Mitch Stephen - Art of Owner Finance Pro


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