Native Instruments Spekral Delay v1.6.0 (Mac OSX)

The NI-SPEKTRAL DELAY differs from the many other audio effects in that it uses real-time FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) to split each channel of a stereo signal into as many as 160 separately modifiable frequency bands (even up to 1024 bands internally). The level, delay time and feedback amount for each of this bands can be set separately. Additionally, various modulation effects can be applied to the signal in the frequency domain, which allows for even further sound manipulation.

– Effects processor for real-time manipulation of audio material of any kind.
– Produces unique delay effects.
– Real-time Fast Fourier Transformation is used to split each side of a stereo signal into up to 160 separately modifiable frequency bands.
– Level, delay time and feedback level for each of the bands can be set separately.
– Up to 1024 bands are calculated internally.
– Intuitive Edit Graphs with comfortable edit functions for setting up the parameters.
– Modulation effects applied in the frequency domain offer many processing options.
– Any frequencies of the signal can be attenuated or filtered completely.
– Runs stand-alone with MME, Direct Sound, DirectX, Sound Manager and ASIO or as a VST plug-in.
– Completely MIDI-controllable.

Native Instruments Spekral Delay v1.6.0 MAC OSX
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