Tekla Structures 2018 SP7 with Help and Environment (x64)

The Tekla product team introduced new update version of its software for structural engineering, fabrication and construction teams-Tekla Structures 2018 SP7. This update contain new features, and improvements and fixes to existing features.
Release Notes – Tekla Structures 2018 SP7
TSAC-2771, TSAC-2769 In Floor layout, the component attribute file list is now properly shown for all components. Previously, it was not properly shown for Mesh bars, for example.
TSAC-2457 In Reinforced concrete stair (95), the offsets for Bar J are now applied properly.
TSAC-2435 In Reinforced concrete stairs (95), the stairs part now has a new STAIR_WIDTH_TOTAL UDA that counts the total stair width including the stringers.
TSAC-2410 Seam applicator now again loads custom component seams.
TSAC-1896 In Detailing manager, the Filter and Attribute lists now show long filter and attribute file names correctly when you open the lists. When you have selected a filter or an attribute file with a long name that does not fit in the list box and place the mouse pointer on the name, the whole name is now shown in a tooltip.
TSAC-1835 Sloping slab drainage now works correctly on slabs with recesses.
TSAC-2814 In Shear plate to tube column (47), the bolt assembly and bolt length increase options are now correctly applied for both secondary beams.
TSAC-2805 In Haunch (40), the creation of chamfers has now been improved in situations where the hauch is created as a profile.
TSAC-2661 In Two sided clip angle (143), the Same bolt length for all option now works correctly for all the bolts the component creates.
TSAC-2603 In Two sided clip angle (143), the extra length of bolts is now correctly applied when a different number of bolts is created on the secondary parts.
TSAC-2541 In Stairs (S71), step chamfers now work correctly.
TSAC-2490 In Full depth S (185), the gap between the tab plate and the main part flanges is now correctly applied when the main part is a C or U profile.
TSAC-2467 In Tube gusset (20), the cut creation has been improved in cases when the gusset plate runs through the main part
TSAC-2349 In Railings (S77), top rail part cut creation has been improved.
TSAC-303 In Stiffeners (1034), the width and height of stiffeners is now correctly applied.
TSAC-270 In Haunch (40), weld 7 is now created correctly in situations where the haunch is created as a profile.
TSAC-254 In Stairs (S71), step chamfers now work correctly.
TTSD-24752 In Organizer, the synchronization performance has been improved.
TTSD-25076 Reference models: Tekla Structures crashed when you pressed the Pick button in the Add model dialog box while hiding the existing reference files. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-24524 In IFC export, curved rebars are now exported with more accurate geometry when you use the Surface geometry export type.
TTSD-18022 In IFC2x3 export, the grid is now exported to the same location as the model when you use the Location by: Work plane option.
TTSD-13632 Curved beam with line cut is now exported correctly in IFC4 Design Transfer View Export.
TTSD-22990 When prompted for mark content when creating an empty mark, the associativity symbol was not correctly drawn. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-21381 When a template has a pull-out picture for an individual rebar of a tapered rebar group, the pull-out picture now shows the dimension lengths correctly as exact values.
TSAC-2405 The Rebar group marking application now works with circular rebar groups.
TTSD-25827 Previously, if some files related to a model had percent signs in their names, sharing the model could fail. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-16206 In shared models, for parametric sketched profiles with several properties, the profile geometries were calculated incorrectly after read in until model was saved and reopened. Now this has been fixed. The geometries are correct after read in. Note that all users of model need have this Service Pack in use when writing out and reading in to have the correct geometries.
TSAC-2770 Rebar shape manager has been changed so that when you right-click a Bending schedule fields cell, if the list that opens contains a lot of items, new sub-lists are now shown to keep the list sizes more compact.
TTSD-23098 The Diagnose model command now adds a new line “Obsolete object modification rows found.” if there are any rows to be removed in the model database. Use the Repair model command to remove these rows. This can considerably reduce the database size if it had become too large as a result of creating and deleting multiple objects with UDAs.
TTSD-3635 When setting the location dimensions of items and custom parts, the small yellow arrows above the dimension value box are not shown anymore and the value you enter is now used as the dimension value.
TSAC-2785 Previously, Tekla Structures was crashing when NC files were created with contour marking and then numbered. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-2768 In BVBS export, you can now use multiple assembly template properties in the file name. Type the template properties in the File naming template box and separate them with blank spaces. The combination will be separated by underscores in the exported file name.

Product: Trimble Tekla Structures
Version: 2018 SP7 with Help and Environment
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 4.0 Gb

Tekla Structures 2018 SP7 with Help and Environment (x64) | 4.0 Gb


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