The Fully Immersive FOREX TRADING & For Beginners

What you’ll learn
Supplement Your Income While Still Working a Day Job
A Profitable Trading Strategy That Can Be Adapted Based on How Much Free Time You Have
How To Read Price Action (Trends, Ranges & Structure)

Key Trading Concepts For Beginners
Accumulate Wealth
How To Log Your Trades And Optimise A Strategy To Increase Profitability
Learn My High Probability Candle Stick Patterns
Understand Realistic Expectations of Becoming a Trader
How To Place Trades With a Broker
How To Set Up A Charting Platform (TradingView)
Understand How Moving Averages Work
How To Draw Support And Resistance Zones
How To identify The Trend Direction (Bull, Bear or Range)
How To BackTest a Strategy
Learn How News Can Impact Your Trades
How To Trade 2 Of My Profitable Trading Strategies

The determination to start learning to trade
Be open minded about changing your habits to achieve your goals
A working computer
Internet connection
First off this is a COMMUNITY not just your everyday Udemy trading course.
I believe courses alone are not enough to teach people on how to become a consistently profitable forex trader. I will be here every step of the way in helping you achieve your goals.
I will be here by:

Being very active in the questions and answers section to help with any queries

Providing regular market analysis for course members only

Conducting live video sessions to answer questions in real time

Continuing to make improvements to the course

Giving you access to a private Facebook Group for course members only

The Fully Immersive FOREX TRADING Course For Beginners will take you on a journey from the beginning concepts of Trading Forex right through to trading 2 of my live strategies. (I will be publishing additional courses for different strategies I trade)

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to trade the forex markets to help them supplement their income while working a full time job or looking to slowly transition away from the rat race. Both strategies I teach need no prior qualification and one of the strategies only requires 30 mins of your day per day.

WARNING trading is not a quick rich scheme, if this is your mind set I advise you not to join. This course/community teaches you to treat trading likes it’s your own personal business.

If you have no prior knowledge of trading that is fine, the course goes through all the basics in an easy to digest format.

If you have been trading a while this course has many advanced sections which can supplement what you already know.

What will you learn?

The mind set, motivation and structure in order to trade Forex

Key Trading concepts – This is where I take you through all the basic concepts of Forex trading and what to expect before you even jump into the charts. You will learn:

What forex trading is

Technical vs fundamental trading

Price Action



Risk management

Expected results

Full time vs part time trading

Compounding interest

How to attract investors

Win ratio

Risk vs reward ratios

Tradingview – This is the charting platform I personally use and I teach you in detail how to take full advantage of it. This includes the free and paid version.

Candlestick patterns – Here I teach you high probability setups I currently use in my strategy

How the markets move

Moving Averages

Market Structure

Indicators (Moving averages)

Support and resistance

Setting up – I walk you through

Setting up with your broker

Logging your trades

Checking the news

Analysing your trading results

Lastly I teach you how to trade multiple strategies based on your current situation and available time.

I will provide many documents and tools to help you on this journey. These tools I personally use myself when trading my own plan. I will walk you through using these tools to your full advantage.

The contents of this course can cost thousands of pounds with other educators out there. This is not an opportunity to be missed.

Enrol in this course now and join me on this the journey, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Many Thanks,


Who this course is for:
This course is great for anyone looking to supplement their income trading forex
This course gives you the knowledge to trade while still having a full time job
This course is suitiable for both beginers and intermidate traders



The Fully Immersive FOREX TRADING & For Beginners


The Fully Immersive FOREX TRADING & For Beginners
The Fully Immersive FOREX TRADING & For Beginners | Size: 3.38 GB


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