The Science of Facebook Ads Professional by Mojca Zove

The Science of Facebook Ads
Learn how to consistently generate leads and sales with Facebook Ads
After years of successfully developing, implementing, and optimizing Facebook Advertising Campaigns for clients that ranged from small to multimillion-dollar businesses, I finally decided to pack all that knowledge together and launch a comprehensive course that teaches everyone how to do it too.

The Science of Facebook Ads is literally a step-by-step blueprint of a system that collectively generated several millions of dollars in revenue for my clients.
You’ll get access to the knowledge I collected for years while helping 50 different businesses grow.
I’ll teach you what I’ve learned through thousands of experiments I’ve launched with my clients.

And I’ll share all of that in-depth knowledge of Facebook ads with you in 40 video lessons that contain 9 hours of great content and multiple worksheets and libraries.

You’ll learn everything about how to launch profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns, including how to:
– Define your target audience and the exact strategy for reaching them
– Determine tangible and reachable goals with The Backwards Method
– Distribute your Advertising Budget across campaigns and audiences
– Design an ad that attracts attention and communicates your brand
– Optimize your campaigns using a result-based approach





The Science of Facebook Ads Professional by Mojca Zove
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