TTC – From Yao to Mao – 5000 Years of Chinese History

Very interesting and informative, it allows us to fill some shameful gaps in education – in Soviet and Russian history textbooks, China was mentioned only sporadically. All I really remember is the uprising of the yellow bands and the fight against imperialism.

Of course, 36 half-hour lectures on the history of China are too little. For example, the Taiping uprising can be given no more than one lecture on the reign of Mao or there, despite the fact that the Taiping uprising was generally the bloodiest conflict in history, excluding World War II. But the course gives a more or less general consistent picture and an excellent basis for further reading.

1. Geography and Archaeology
2. The First Dynasties
3. The Zhou Conquest
4. Fragmentation and Social Change
5. Confucianism and Daoism
6. The Hundred Schools
7. The Early Han Dynasty
8. Later Han and the Three Kingdoms
9. Buddhism
10. Northern and Southern Dynasties
11. Sui Reunification and the Rise of the Tang
12. The Early Tang Dynasty
13. Han Yu and the Late Tang
14. Five Dynasties and the Song Founding
15. Intellectual Ferment in the 11th Century
16. Art and the Way
17. Conquest States in the North
18. Economy and Society in Southern Song
19. Zhu Xi and Neo-Confucianism
20. The Rise of the Mongols
21. The Yuan Dynasty
22. The Rise of the Ming
23. The Ming Golden Age
24. Gridlock and Crisis
25. The Rise of the Manchus
26. Kangxi to Qianlong
27. The Coming of the West
28. Threats from Within and Without
29. The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom
30. Efforts at Reform
31. The Fall of the Empire
32. The New Culture Movement and May 4th
33. The Chinese Communists, 1921-1937
34. War and Revolution
35. China Under Mao
36. China and the World in a New Century



TTC - From Yao to Mao - 5000 Years of Chinese History

TTC – From Yao to Mao – 5000 Years of Chinese History | 6.47 GB


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